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The Martini

All martinis are made with Kettle One vodka, and real fruit purees. Ciroc vodka available upon request.

The Dirty Vine
Coconut Martini
The Passionate Martini
Passion fruit
White Peach Martini
Made with Prosecco and a slice of peach  
Blue-Pom Martini
The Vine’s twist on the pomegranate martini
The Classic Vine
White Chocolate Martini
Made with Godiva white chocolate liquor
Espresso Martini
Made with freshly brewed Lavazza espresso and Bailey's
The Vine Signature Martini 2.0
A tropical blend of coconut and banana flavors
Peach Saki Martini
An exciting blend of peach puree, fruit juice and ultra premium sake
Cinnamon Cream Martini
Made with Ricura Horchata cream liquor 
The Vine's Martini Flight
4 Mini Martinis. Ask your server for tonight's selection.